Terms & Conditions

1. Generalities

1.1. This user agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") apply to our Website BoatsHarbour.com (hereinafter "Website") and contains binding rules applicable to any people who use services and information provided by BoatsHarbour.com (hereinafter "BoatsHarbour.com").

1.2. The "User" means any individual and / or entity accessing BoatsHarbour.com, for any reason.

1.3. BoatsHarbour.com is visible to all users who access it. Once registered as a user on BoatsHarbour.com, you will enjoy all the services and information provided on this website.

1.4. Users expressly agree that the mere use or access the services and / or information provided by BoatsHarbour.com means unconditional acceptance of any provisions of this Agreement and any amendments of this Agreement.

1.5. If you do not agree with the contents of this Agreement, please do not register on this website and do not use its services and information. We pray that each time you return to this site to check if the Agreement was amended. If any changes to this Agreement do not comply with your wishes, please notify this in as soon as possible BoatsHarbour.com by using the "Contact Us". Your continued use of www.BoatsHarbour.com worth your acceptance of this Agreement.

1.6. BoatsHarbour.com is a website operated by . For more information please contact us at contact@boatsharbour.com or to Str. Papiu-Ilarian Alexandru nr. 15, Bucuresti, Romania, 031691.

2. Services Overview

2.1. BoatsHarbour.com offers its users a wide range of services: services advertisment, promotion services, advertising services.

2.2. Users expressly agree that using services offered through BoatsHarbour.com, they agree to receive appropriate information about the use of BoatsHarbour.com or congratulatory messages.

3. Information about registering on BoatsHarbour.com

3.1. To take advantage of all the services offered by BoatsHarbour.com, it is necessary to fill the registration form.

3.2. Upon registration website may require certain information, such as email address, name, data about you or the company, if the user is a legal person, information / options for billing services (if applicable), phone number.

3.3. Fee services are available only after confirmation of payment on account of BoatsHarbour.com.

3.4. To use the services offered by BoatsHarbour.com, users are required to provide real data, complete and up to date and accurate information about them, as required in the registration form. BoatsHarbour.com reserves the right to verify, directly or indirectly, the data provided to create your account, with no legal obligation in this regard.

3.5. Later registration, account access is done through e-mail and password. Users are required to access data stored in a safe account. You should not reveal to anyone your username or password. BoatsHarbour.com will not ask again your account password in messages or phone calls. We advise you not to reveal the password to people who will demand it. Moreover, if possible, you should click on the "Exit" from your account or other online services offered by BoatsHarbour.com at the end of each session of use. We advise you also to close your browser window when you worked at the end of your browsing in BoatsHarbour.com or the services provided by BoatsHarbour.com. BoatsHarbour.com shall not be liable for any moral or material damage caused by failure to do this.

3.6. When uploading the pictures on our website, our logo will be written on the pictures. The pictures will only be used on the website and on the social media accounts associated to this website.

4. Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

4.1. According to Law, BoatsHarbour.com will manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data you provide about yourself to inform you that the personal data you provide are processed for advertising, marketing and advertising and electronic communications services.

4.2. At your option, you provide some of your personal data in order to create a valid account and benefit from the services offered through BoatsHarbour.com by BoatsHarbour.com.

4.3. The registered information is intended for use by BoatsHarbour.com and are communicated only to the following recipients: subjects and contractual partners operator.

4.4. According to Law, you have the right to access, modify the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to go to court. You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request deletion. You agree that deleting your personal data will be followed by deleting your account in the system and unable to benefit from the services offered by the BoatsHarbour.com.

4.5. To exercise these rights you can make a request of your requirement then send it via e-mail contact@boatsharbour.com.

4.6. If some of your data is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.

5. Rights and obligations of Users

5.1. All information that you provided in your application registration process for use of the services must be true, complete and consistent reality. Moreover, the obligation to notify you about any changes website that will occur on the data provided by you in the registration process. Understand to make this notification no later than 20 days from the date the change occurred. In case the information provided by you are not true, accurate or complete, BoatsHarbour.com reserves the right to terminate your right to use, in whole or in part, or to access website services.

5.2. BoatsHarbour.com is a portal where registered members benefit from a wide range of services. As a user you are entirely responsible for all content that you upload on BoatsHarbour.com or publish them. When sending such material, regardless of its type - text, images, video / audio - you agree with the following limitations:

a) you can not publish, transmit or refers in any way, text messages containing unlawful, threatening, abusive, violent;

b) you can not collect personal data of other users of BoatsHarbour.com, nor can restrict other users access to different areas or types of content from BoatsHarbour.com;

c) you can not use any programs, automatic or manual processes to monitor or copy BoatsHarbour.com pages or content, without prior written authorization from representatives of BoatsHarbour.com;

d) you can not publish racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic and any other kind of material that encourages hatred of certain human or professional groups;

e) you can not post material that infringes or circumvent in any way the legal provisions in force including, but not limited to copyright, the rights granted to inventors, owners of trademarks and any other material protected by intellectual property rights and industrial entitled to privacy of the person, rights under a contract or other rights owned by third parties;

f) you can not publish material that promotes or refers to using software or services likely to send unsolicited email;

g) you can not publish material that violates any provision of national law, community or international regulatory standards;

h) you can not publish material nature threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, insulting or libelous, obscene, profane, indecent or subject to public opprobrium;

i) you may not use any device, software or subroutine including devices that interfere or attempt to interfere with the smooth running of the operation of BoatsHarbour.com, in the normal course of our services;

j) you will not accomplish any action that imposes any use unusual, unreasonable, abusive or disproportionate infrastructure provided by us through BoatsHarbour.com;

k) do not copy, reproduce, alter, modify, distribute (including public display), do not use for commercial purposes or any other purpose, content of BoatsHarbour.com (or any part of it) and you agree not to carry out the works / Internet pages / online services which reproduce in any way sections of BoatsHarbour.com, without the prior written permission of BoatsHarbour.com and / or third party, as applicable;

5.3. By transmitting content that is not in accordance with the limitations mentioned above, you agree that you are solely responsible and fully indemnify BoatsHarbour.com in case of any damage.

5.4. You will not copy, sell, redistribute, rent or sublet or perform any other action which may transferring your account or any other materials provided in connection with your User account activation, to any third party without the express and prior's of BoatsHarbour.com.

5.5. You will comply with all laws which could complement your rights and obligations by accepting the terms of this Agreement.

5.6. Ads can be shown on BoatsHarbour.com for a period of maximum 6 months. After this period your ads may be reposted. Before their expiration, website will notify by e-mail announcement date will expire and will invite you to repost if you feel it necessary.

5.7. In case of any damage caused by you to BoatsHarbour.com or to a third party, you agree to pay them in full, and any damage or damages, including any court costs, enforcement costs and any other costs.

5.8. If your ad is reported by any of our users, we will also check your ad and if it's proven to be a scam or is not consistent with the Terms and Conditions of BoatsHarbour.com, we reserve the right to remove the ad from BoatsHarbour.com and from our database, and the payment for your ad it will not be refunded.

6. Fee Services

6.1. At your option, you may receive additional services offered by the webite for a fee.

6.2. All payments, including taxes on such payments thereby displayed on the site when the service request must be made in AUD Dollars.

6.3. Access to additional paid services will not be allowed until the confirmation of the transfer of money in the account of BoatsHarbour.com.

6.4. By requesting additional services offered for a fee, you accept and agree that if you want to quit providing service for it to be a waiver effective shall be made before the start of a new period of subscription. This rule is very important especially when you have opted for card payment services when payment is made by automatic withdrawal at intervals specified by you.

6.5. In case you want to cease providing the service, you acknowledge and agree that payments are already made and will not be returned.

6.6. Acknowledge and agree that any delay in payment of the fee to BoatsHarbour.com shall constitute a violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

6.7. In case you have opted for payment of services provided by us through a debit card / credit, you must know that BoatsHarbour.com does not store does not retain, process or access information provided by you on your credit card / flow. In this case, the transaction is made through a third party, namely Payment Processor.

6.8. BoatsHarbour.com reserves the right to modify at any time and in any manner, the price of services, according to its own discretionary options, without being obliged to justify in any way change without any prior notice and without obligation to fulfill any formality to user.

6.9. The new prices will be effective from the time the first payment deadline imposed by its users website.

7. Membership Expiration Date

7.1. Your promoted ad is valid for the full duration of the length of the membership plan you have selected (usually this is ongoing until you cancel your membership). You will not be automatically re billed under the terms of your subscription. Your account will remain active until the current term has expired (unless you include a membership refund request, in which case your ability to log-in will be immediately terminated).

8. Special Offers

8.1. From time-to-time we offer Special Experimental Prices for test marketing purposes. It is important to note that Special Prices will convert to our standard membership with automatic recurring billing at the end of the term of the special introductory period. (You can avoid the recurring billing by cancelling your promoted ad prior to the end of the special term period). Special introductory prices apply ONLY to new members and are not intended to be a renewal option for current or previous members. Any special prices ONLY apply if they are offered to you when you first join. No retroactive refunds will be issued between the price you paid any current special offers.

9. Return / Refund Policy

9.1. The payment is made through Payment Processor and subject to the terms and conditions imposed by our Payment Processor.

9.2. Our Promoted Classified Ads will not renew itself at expiration and Refunds or Cancellation are not provided.

10. Disclaimer

10.1. In order to comply with applicable legal provisions, rights BoatsHarbour.com and / or third parties and for a better development of the services offered through BoatsHarbour.com, BoatsHarbour.com has the exclusive right that, on its own initiative and by its own criteria, which can not be censored in any way by users or any third parties or authorities, at the request of the competent authorities of the State or at the request of a person who has a legitimate interest, can suspend or restrict in any way access certain people at all and / or any services, information, comments, sections of BoatsHarbour.com, if BoatsHarbour.com decide, considering user behavior on the BoatsHarbour.com, and considering any other criteria BoatsHarbour.com own that can not be censored in any way by third parties, put or could endanger the proper functioning of the services, violate or infringe in any way the terms of this Agreement, the laws in force and / or rights of a third party. BoatsHarbour.com has the right, not the obligation, to apply the above measures, such as the right to refuse any request from a third person or authority to implement any of these measures.

10.2. BoatsHarbour.com provides no warranty and has no responsibility, express or implied, for the contents of the site, its partners or content provided by registered users, including content posted by users. BoatsHarbour.com not responsible for the price changes to the products displayed on BoatsHarbour.com for any damages direct, indirect, incidental, special for loss of profits, possibilities of use, data or other intangible or immeasurable resulting from the use or inability to use information website. Also BoatsHarbour.com does not guarantee that the information systems or programs used to display or transmit information on BoatsHarbour.com or in any other form other sources do not contain viruses or destructive code or other destructive properties.

10.3. BoatsHarbour.com do not guarantee that the content of the ads or other content of BoatsHarbour.com is error-free or complete. BoatsHarbour.com assumes no responsibility and can not be held responsible for any damage incurred by any use of the information or services offered through this website.

10.4. BoatsHarbour.com may contain links to other websites or resources. Because BoatsHarbour.com has no control over such sites and resources, by using BoatsHarbour.com you agree that BoatsHarbour.com is not responsible for their availability and does not endorse and is not responsible for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.

10.5. It is possible that the BoatsHarbour.com contain advertisements, including banners or contests, but not limited to, that belong to third companies. These companies may collect the same information that BoatsHarbour.com collect. Where applicable, in the pages of collection of personal data by third companies, there will be links to their privacy policy, but BoatsHarbour.com assumes no responsibility for the content partner sites or their privacy policies.

11. Copyright

11.1. The contents and graphics of BoatsHarbour.com, including but not limited to, all audio and video content and technical sources of all current and future services and facilities, except when expressly mentioned another owner, but all pages sources other material transmitted in any form by the user (by direct visualization on BoatsHarbour.com, through newsletters or promotional campaigns) belong to BoatsHarbour.com and its partners are content of BoatsHarbour.com.

11.2. In addition, BoatsHarbour.com benefits from contributions of its users registered in whatever form they contribute (eg reviews, comments, blogs, and so on). BoatsHarbour.com select the content received from its members as much as possible to maintain a high quality website. BoatsHarbour.com can not be held responsible for any damage caused by content, regardless of the section, service or facility is part of that content.

11.3. BoatsHarbour.com claims no ownership rights to the materials that users provide or post them. Transmitting such material, you agree to give BoatsHarbour.com permission to use materials, including copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, modify and translate, to mention your name in connection with the material you have passed and the right to assign these rights to any partner. There will be no remaining claims nor grant as compensation for the material in the manner shown above.

12. Providing the service "as it is"

12.1. Services offered by BoatsHarbour.com are available to users on the principle of "as is", "as available" without any warranties, express or implied and without any liability on the part of BoatsHarbour.com in connection with these.

12.2. BoatsHarbour.com does not guarantee secure, continuous and uninterrupted services. BoatsHarbour.com will not be responsible for any problem or malfunction of telephone network or lines, internet online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, computer programs or any other factor that may cause damage personal computers as result of using this site.

12.3. BoatsHarbour.com makes no warranty regarding any service provided through BoatsHarbour.com. BoatsHarbour.com can not be held liable in any manner and in any measure for the accuracy of the listings, for the any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions with respect to information or the transmission or publication of full or in part, for non-copyright and related rights and any other rights or for the legality or propriety notices published on BoatsHarbour.com or are in any other related thereto.

12.4. By accessing BoatsHarbour.com you agree to fully indemnify BoatsHarbour.com for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover legal fees and any other expenses which may arise as a result of violation by you the terms of this Agreement.

13. Final Clauses

13.1. BoatsHarbour.com reserves the right to modify at any time and in any manner, any section of the BoatsHarbour.com, according to his own discretionary options, without being obliged to justify in any way change without any notice and without obliged to fulfill any formality to users.

13.2. BoatsHarbour.com reserves the right to remove from the site any time any advertisement or any content posted or suspend over discretionary decided by website user's right to use, in whole or in part, or to access web services site, for any reason, including but not limited to: the receipt of any complaints or allegations from users, third parties or authorities, in any case in which BoatsHarbour.com believes that user has violated the provisions of this User Agreement or there any doubts in this regard. In all cases BoatsHarbour.com will apply any of the above mentioned measures, it shall be entitled to justify the measure if it considers it necessary or advisable, without having any obligation to do so. Also, BoatsHarbour.com has no obligation to refund the money paid by the user for the post as long as the latter contrary to the rules established by this Agreement.

13.3. The users expressly agree that the mere use or access the services offered by BoatsHarbour.com signifies unconditional acceptance of the changes made. In any situation where users have objections or reservations of any provision of this Agreement, have the obligation to immediately cease using our services.

13.4. This Agreement is subject to Australia laws. The parties agree that disputes arising from the interpretation and application of this Agreement which can not be settled amicably, will be submitted to the competent court settlement law of the jurisdiction of the Australia.

13.5. If no other provisions set forth in this Agreement, all correspondence should be sent to: for the website - contact@boatsharbour.com, for you - the email address provided at registration.